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Frequently Asked Questions


For the comfort and safety of our guests, we have arranged deluxe hotel accommodation during the Yatra, this facility will come at the same package cost


What is the mode of Transportation in Tibet and Nepal?

Nepal side: We will provide Non-A/C bus for transportation in Nepal

Tibet side: Yatrees have the choice of A/C or Non A/C buses. We would advise our yatrees to opt for the A/C buses, since the roads in Tibet have improved drastically and this would be more comfortable and convenient to our beloved yatrees. The sherpas and other yatrees would also accompany you in the bus โ€“ you can spend time talking to them and singing bhajans with other yatrees.

How do I obtain Chinese Visa/Tibet Permit for the Yatra ?

1. We have innumerable queries on the Chinese Visa, Passport and Tibet permit. We make it clear from our end that we handle all the responsibilities of visa processing and issuance of permit from Tibetan authorities.

2. Yatrees need to e-mail their copies of passport and visa to us to apply for Tibet permit. We would get the Tibet permit 15 days prior to the departure date.

3. Later, we need originals of your passport for applying of Group Visa permit. Once we receive Group Visa, we shall send back your originals back to you.

4. NRI and foreign nationals have to send the colour copies of their passport by e-mail for visa processing.

5. Since there is lot of time is involved in the processing of Visa papers, it is advisable that the yatrees book their tours well in advance to avoid any paper delays.

What is TTB and CIPSC, what is their role in the Yatra?

China India Pilgrims Service Centre is a government agency, which has a monopoly over the rights to handle travel arrangements for Indian pilgrims. They increase their rates every year due to rise in crude oil prices, currency depreciation and other reasons.

TTB permit is the document required to enter Tibet. All arrangements in Tibet are subject to the rules and laws of Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) and for Indian nationals it is subject to the rules of CIPSC. Sankara Yatra or any travel operator does not have any control over these organizations. TTB can deny permit or stop giving permits from time to time.


What is the difference between Inner Parikrama and Outer Parikrama?

The parikrama or circumambulation of Mt Kailash is performed in a clockwise direction. Followers, of Bon, the pre-Buddhist religion of Tibet, perform it anti-clockwise. Inner parikrama is the circumambulation of Nandi Parvat and the outer parikrama is the circumambulation of Kailash Parvat. The regular overland and helicopter is actually the outer parikrama, which is easy to complete. For the inner parikrama, the pilgrim should have completed 13 outer parikramas.

How much do i need to walk during Parikrama?

If you do not want to go to Kailash parikrama by foot, then you can hire a horse and a horse man for 3 days, by paying an extra fee of Rs. 15,000/- per person, this may vary depending upon the conditions and availability. You need to walk a minimum of 52 kms during Parikrama.

What should I do if I do not wish to do Parikrama?

If you do not want to do Parikrama we would provide you food and accommodation in Darchen base camp. However, you need to wait till others finish the parikrama.

Ashtapad Visit

What should I do if I do not wish to do Parikrama?

For the kind information of our Yatrees, Ashtapad is included in
Helicopter Tour
Inner parikrama

It is not included in Regular Overland Tour. Yatrees, during the course of the journey can visit Ashtapad, Nandi Parvat by paying an extra fee of Rs. 1,000/- to Rs. 2,000/- only.

Money and other Belongings

How do i bear my personal expenses in Tibet? Can I use the Indian currency?

Indian currency is not accepted in Tibet. We will exchange the currency into Yuan (Chinese currency), which you can use it in Tibet for your personal expenditure.

What items do i need to carry while travelling?

You need to carry warm clothing such as woollen sweaters, woollen socks, monkey caps, thermal wear, antibiotics, lip balm, trekking shoes, gloves etc.

Do i need to buy Down Jackets?

No. You can rent a down jacket in Kathmandu, which will cost you Rs. 500/- approximately.

Group Size

How many people will form a Group?

A group will constitute 25 persons. There will be one Sherpa for each 4-5 persons.

Can we have our own departure date and group?

Yes. You can pick your own departure date if you have a group of more than 40 persons.

Age Limit

The age limit to this Yatra is 70 years, but we are able to get permit for people who are more than 75. However, we cannot guarantee that permit will be issued.

Does Indian/Nepali sim card work on my Mobile Phone? How do i keep in touch with my family during the Yatra ?

Indian and Nepalese sim cards do not work in Tibet. There are several service providers such as Matrix, who provide temporary sim cards that can be used during the Yatra.

Full Moon

What is the significance of Full Moon during the Yatra? Why do most of the yatrees prefer to choose full moon?

Performing puja during the Yatra is considered to be very auspicious. Many of them wish to see the full moon during the journey. Yatrees prefer to do Kora (also called parikrama or circumambulation) during this period.


What type of Food is provided?

We provide pure vegetarian food, during the entire course of the journey. Regular coffee, tea with snacks will be served to the yatrees during the journey.

Health and Fitness

Yatrees who have chronic ailments such as sinus, cold, asthma and throat related illnesses cannot take part in the tour. Others who wish to take part in this holy sojourn need to consult their physicians and take an opinion. It is also advisable to carry some medicines after consulting your physician. Yatrees beyond the age of 70 โ€“ need to get a medical certificate from their doctor on their fitness.

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